Forest honey


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Organic raw forest honey in the south region of Tunisia. Buy organic raw forest honey produced in the nature of south of Tunisia in rick sub saharian region.

Forest honey does not come only from flowers, but thyme, eucalyptus, and many many others type of local plants.

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General characteristics:

  • Ecological agriculture & apiculture
  • Organic product
  • Forest flavor
  • Harvesting in July and August

Organic forest honey Bona Mel

The organic forest honey Bona Mel has been manufactured following strict processes. Organic means that the forest honey Bona Mel comes from hives far away from human areas so there is no contamination. Hives located in high mountain areas or at the wilderness. Bees only feed from honey and pollen havested by the bee colony. No artificial nutrition, flavour enhancers or colouring substances are used in the honey harvesting. Also no chemical products are used to prevent from pests and deseases, only natural treatments are allowed in oraginc honey production. Also the beehives need to be 100% natural without painting or varnishing from oil products that can contaminate the honey.

Raw forest honey Bona Mel

Raw forest honey is the most natural and sweet liquid that honeybees produce from flowers. Raw forest honey Bona Mel is collected straight from the honey extractor. Raw forest honey Bona Mel is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey. Raw honey contains ingredients similar to those found in fruits. Most comericla honey has been pasteurized (heated at 70 degrees Celsius or more, followed by rapid cooling). Pasteurization kills any yeast cell in the honey, prevents fermentation and affects the honey taste by breaking aromas enzymes. Raw forest honey Bona Mel has not been heated or pasteurized.

Raw forest honey storage

One of the greatest things about honey is that it doesn’t spoil. Honey does not need preservatives and additives to have a long life. For legal and commercial reasons the honey we buy comes with a certain shelf life. Store the raw forest honey Bona Mel a steady temperature. Keep the honey on a dry place and away from heat sources and from the sun light. Proper storage will guarantee that the quality and taste of the raw forest honey Bona Mel is at its peak.

Any honey is susceptible to physical and chemical changes over time if there is no proper storage. Organic raw forest honey tends to crystallize over time. Crystallization is easily reversible and doesn’t have an impact on the taste neither the quality of the honey and just slight changes its appearance where the honey appears thickened and grainy. To reverse the effect of crystallization you will need to heat the honey jar with hot water up to 40ºC if needed and take it back as soon as possible to colder area.

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